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About Lydia

Titaness Studios

After High School Lydia worked in Wisconsin Dells at a local haunt called Ghost Boat. She started as an actress doing her own makeup and after 7 years became Lead Makeup Artist and supervisor. Meanwhile, she was also studying at Panache Academy of Beauty in Lake Delton, WI and and Posh Beauty Bar in Madison, WI. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and passed both state boards with a 95.

Lydia went on to work with Ulta Beauty in Madison and Chula Vista’s Spa Del Sol in Wisconsin Dells, as well as working with boudoir studios, weddings and events – before finally forming her own business in 2022.

Lydia first discovered makeup at 14, when she fell in love with Special Effects, doing several projects involving Special Effects during high school. She has a strong background in art, with both her parents being artists, so color theory came naturally. Soon her friends started coming over for makeovers and photoshoots and Lydia’s love of makeup blossomed.

The name Titaness was inspired by 3 of Lydia’s cats; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hecate. The Titans were the mothers and fathers of the Greek gods, so when she decided to name her cats after the Greek gods, that made her, their mother, a Titaness; Thus Titaness Studios was formed.

Lydia fell in love with the name Titaness because of what it stood for; a female person of very great strength, intellect, or importance. The connection to her cats and love of mythology, all combined with how Lydia wanted to make each woman feel... it was perfect.

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